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See the Children

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I don’t have a television, but “the news” still comes through on social media, or streaming a late night show.  The images and stories of children are the most distressing – separated from their mothers after harrowing journeys, walking war torn streets alone, in hospitals with malnourished bodies, and neglected, or abused, sometimes for just being who they are. 

It can all seem so overwhelming, feeling as if there is something I should be doing to fix it, but then I feel how tired I am from all of the giving I’ve already been doing.  I want to scream, “Why isn’t someone (else) doing something?”

This question is a trick. It sucks us into the war between persecutor (blaming) and victim (defending), and engaging in these wars is exhausting.  It takes away from what we truly came here to do – shine our light and create!

What can an energetically sensitive empath, who can feel all of the emotions involved in our personal and global wars, do to create peace? 

The other night, I journeyed* into the realms of non-ordinary reality to ask, “What is mine to know and do to support the children?”

Here’s the message that came through for me…

I first saw children at the United States border in cages (the bars could be literal, or metaphorical, representing the separation from their families), and then I knew… I could offer a blessing for them every night before I went to sleep, “May all children receive the unconditional love of mother energy.”  Those that can receive this blessing might see Mother Mary dropping off heart-shaped pink quartz crystals around their “cage” or “cell,” and in sharing their common experiences the next day, they would learn to trust that Mother Mary had indeed whispered in their ear, “You are so loved.”

What is yours to know and do? 

If you are familiar with shamanic journeying, you can ask this question to your loving, compassionate Spirit Helpers and shift out of the overwhelm and hopelessness to a more empowered state of being (It could be to join a group, or write a senator, but don’t be surprised if the message you receive is to rest, to pray, to focus on you!).  

Another way to check in and learn what is yours to know and do for the children, is to review the list below and feel into what resonates with you. 

  • Focus on your own healing. Offer a little unconditional love to the one who is judging/blaming, the one who is feeling sad/overwhelmed/angry/hatred, the inner child who needs a hug… so you can shine your light and have the resilience to bring light to dark.  When you are focused inward, it may not seem like you are doing enough for others, but your own healing work has a ripple effect!  
  • Express your creativity.  Perhaps you can write an inspiring children’s story that reflects how you overcame a challenge and applied your superpowers to transform the world, or invite your own children to join you in creating a healthy, beautiful meal from scratch.  Whatever your creative outlet, know that your inspiring example lights a path for others. 
  • See the children in their Divine Light and strength.  We don’t always have the bigger picture – What if these souls chose this journey to wake up humanity?  One of my shamanic teachers, and author of “How to Heal Toxic Thoughts,” Sandra Ingerman, says that our thoughts of pity, or sympathy can “rob people of their power,” but “when you see people in their divine light and perfection you help give them the strength they need to deal with their troubles.”
  • Acknowledge the light in the children around you.  What if you actively looked for the Divine spark within each child who stepped in front of you?  What are they passionate about?  How could you support them in connecting with their true nature? How might you celebrate their gifts and talents?  

You’ve got this Lightworkers!  

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.  I’d love to know what is yours to know and do to support the children!

*If you are new to shamanic journeying, check out Sarah Seidelman’s app called “What the Walrus Knows.”  When you select “Discover” it will point you to a guided journey to meet a power animal that can offer it’s support and guidance to you. 

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