Kelly C. Mullen, Mind-Body Coach & Shamanic Practitioner | Whole-Self Wisdom

Do You Dream of more…

  • Ease, but feel you have too much responsibility to slow down – even when you are experiencing frustrating physical symptoms? 
  • Energy, but feel confused about where/how to apply your gifts, and unsure about what you can say “no” to? 
  • Engagement, but connections with like-minded people and supportive relationships seems elusive? 

Whole-Self Wisdom Approach

Whether you connect with me to recover from burnout, relief from pain, or to become more aware of the choices available to you and the ways you can best express your full creative potential, I’ll hold a vision of your strength, health and wholeness.

Together, we’ll explore how the four parts of you (mind, body, spirit, and heart) seek equilibrium so they can guide you on an authentic journey of more ease, well-being, creative expression, and joy!  (Who knew?).  I call this tuning into your Whole-Self Wisdom.

You’ll set the intention, and I’ll meet you where you are at the time of each session; however, the following areas will give you a sense of where you might focus your intention and attention:

  • Recover From Burnout Build resilience so you can respond to life transitions and stressful situations with more ease
  • Find Your Purpose Clarify your gifts and core message so you can experience renewed energy to do what you love with the people who need your brilliance most
  • Nourish Your Intuition – Implement self-care practices so you can harness your energy and direct your experiences toward those that will support your creative expression and growth
  • Build Your Confidence –  Share your radiance so you can transmute the heavy energy around you and engage in meaningful and supportive relationships

Coaching with Kelly

Personal transformation and shifting into a new way of being involves stepping into and being with the discomfort.  It takes time and attention, and it’s easy to get distracted, or shut down (Please don’t! The world needs the unique gifts of heart-centered helpers to be expressed – stat!).  That’s why engaging a neutral coach/spiritual teacher/mentor/therapist (one that creates a safe space for you), can make all the difference between feeling helpless and feeling empowered to take that next step.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, Anamsong Mind-Body Coach, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and Tension Release Exercise (TRE®) Provider, I’m here to support you, in being you, fully you, connected to your highest potential.  Whether it’s through healing ceremonies, coaching, or facilitating TRE sessions,  I create and hold a space for you to transition from burnout so you can reveal your true purpose and confidently direct your experiences and unique voice toward more ease, energy, and engagement.

What Some Say… 

“Kelly was patient and loving during our coaching sessions.  She wields a natural intuition and deep listening skills that helped me relax into comfort and catalyzed the deep work she guided me through!” ~ E. S.

“Coaching with Kelly was a breath of fresh air. Our sessions were perfectly organic – unfolding in a beautiful flow of mind/body meets thought work. She is both a gentle and insightful coach and her playful way of guiding helped me learn something wonderfully new about myself during each session.  I am a huge fan!” ~ R.H.

“My coaching experience with Kelly was incredibly beneficial to me. In particular, the one thing that has changed is how I deal with tension in my body. Although I have been aware for a long time that tension in the body always is an indication of some underlying issue that needs to be addressed, the techniques that I used (massage, meditation) were not effective. It wasn’t until Kelly guided me through a series of steps that I was able to go to the source of the physical pain and find relief.  Kelly’s approach is gentle yet focused. She keeps you on target and metaphorically holds your hand when you are feeling most vulnerable.  The result is a more confident, relaxed me who is able to focus my energy on pursuing my life’s purpose.” A.K.

“The sessions I had with you helped me tremendously. I learned so many great techniques for quickly dropping out of fight or flight, processing emotion, and just learning how to be. Thank you for creating that space for me, and guiding me while I learned how to do this on my own.” ~ D.B. 

“My sessions with Kelly were immensely valuable.  Kelly used different techniques in my sessions based on what was going on for me at the time.  She would also make recommendations for things to work on in-between sessions.  Through Kelly’s insights, I understand better how suppressed emotions show up for me so that I can process and release them.  She’s given me several techniques to use.  One thing I now do is write everyday in long hand.  I used to journal on the computer, but it really makes a difference when you write the words out on paper.  When I had an obsessive thought, she facilitated a process of dissolving  the limiting belief and then ultimately generating evidence to support a thought that felt more true.  Together, we were also able to get a message from my higher self.  It’s a sweet and comforting phrase I carry with me and think to myself often.  Kelly’s intuition and support were just what I needed during a transition phase in my life.  I highly recommend her.”  P.P.

“Coaching with Kelly helped me be more conscious of my body and my emotions.  She is very intuitive in her coaching sessions and this makes the connection more dynamic. It was good to have a space to get to know myself better so I can make little changes in my life.” F.F.

“I just wanted to write and say thank you again for your soul retrieval ceremony.  Actually, thank you hardly seems like it is a big enough expression to capture how much gratitude I feel! It was a slow process welcoming my lost girl back but in the last month or so I feel like a huge shift has occurred with gentle nurturing and continued coaching support. My little girl  – she has been taking me on dates to show me what she likes to do about once a week for a few weeks now. It has connected me back to the true passions I had in my childhood, opened me up to play, wonder, carefreeness and so much empowerment has been the result.  It also has had the welcome side effect of magically conspiring with some other forces to really help me FEEL and HONOR how much I want to be outdoors, leading, teaching, doing shamanic reiki healing, creating community and having “parties” where I share what I love and am learning from with others. I know in my heart that this is in no small part due to you and the beautiful spirit reconnection you gifted me with.  I can’t even tell you how profound the halo effect of the soul retrieval has been – I feel like I am going back and raising my little girl to grow into who she was meant to become.  Many, many blessing to you and my deepest gratitude for how you have touched my life.” ~ N.G.

Personalized “Reveal the Real…” Program Package Options

Your investment depends upon your intention and the time you can commit to each month.  For optimum results, we’ll schedule your sessions within the 2/3/6-month window purchased.  Click here to schedule your complimentary “Reveal the Real…” Consultation to take the next step in experiencing the ease and connection you deserve!

    • 2-month – Includes 4 60-minute 1:1 sessions $499
    • 3-month – Includes 6 60-minute 1:1 sessions $699
    • 6-month – Includes 12 60-minute 1:1 sessions $1399

Coaching/Healing Packages

Let’s Connect!  

For some of us “heart-centered helpers” making an investment (time and $!) in ourselves can be a challenge, so I want to make it easier for you to feel empowered in your decision-making process.  Click here to schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation and you’ll have an opportunity to clarify your intention for coaching (a great way to start your journey either way!) and determine whether my coaching/offerings are a fit for your needs.

If we learn that there is a fit, we’ll create the space on our calendars to meet, and location is not an issue as all sessions are conducted via phone or Skype.

Note:  Currently, all coaching programs are customized in terms of content and time commitment.