Kelly C. Mullen, Mind-Body Coach & Shamanic Practitioner | Whole-Self Wisdom

One of my spiritual teachers, Matt Kahn, introduced me to the concept of becoming familiar with feeling good.  As energetically-sensitive empaths, our nervous systems our often more familiar with danger – feeling others’ anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, anger, or hatred, and yet becoming highly competent and rewarded for managing all of that energy so it won’t need to be felt.  In short, safety was not associated with  feeling good. It was associated with cues of danger.  This pattern becomes so familiar until the exhaustion (or physical ailments) catches up with us and our body says “no” for us.

So, how can you begin to associate safety with feeling good?

One of the ways I have been able to do this is by nourishing myself with the healing energy of Reiki.  Reiki helps to facilitate the process of self-healing.  A practitioner who is attuned to the healing energy of Reiki can hold a space for energetic blocks to dissolve so that the self-healing process can take please more efficiently and effectively.

What are the benefits of Reiki? 

The benefits of Reiki are catching on with conventional medicine and you may learn that Reiki practitioners are visiting hospitals more frequently.

  • Healing: Calming the nervous system, so that nutrients can be absorbed, you can get a good night’s sleep, and so that the immune system can do its thing!
  • Support:  With Spirit Reiki, there is an opportunity to become aware of the support that is available to you from the invisible realms.  Feeling this type of support can do wonders for your well-being.
  • Empowered decision-making: Feeling grounded and centered (in your body) so you can stay connected to the present moment and ask for your inner wisdom’s guidance to lead you toward more ease, joy and connection
  • Connection: When your body feels safe feeling good, you can carry that into your relationships.

What kind of experience can you expect from a Reiki session with me? 

  • The Reiki session (as well as any session with me), starts with your intention.  Intention re-affirms that self-healing is always taking place and that the client is empowered to ask for the support needed and to take steps to care for themselves.  As the practitioner, my role is not to cure, or heal someone, but to create and hold a space for healing to occur.  Both client and practitioner are joined by their guides (in the invisible realms) to support us with our intentions.
  • Sessions can be facilitated in-person, or through distance.
  • For distance sessions, we’ll connect via Zoom or Skype and I’ll have a table setup as if you are physically there on the table.
  • For in-person sessions, clients remain fully clothed on a Reiki/massage table or comfortably in a chair.
  • The practitioner may lay their hands gently on the recipient – typically at chakra areas to direct healing energy.
  • Learning “Spirit Reiki,” it allowed me to trust my intuition and share what I see/hear/feel with the client. As such, I may share an image that appears and ask you what that means to you, or relates to your intention.  While I may receive an intuitive hit and share something to get us started, my intention is to for my clients to experience the power of accessing their own inner wisdom. In this way, your Reiki session can be an ongoing conversation.  For other sessions, you may prefer to fall asleep and trust that that is what your body and nervous system needed.