Kelly C. Mullen, Mind-Body Coach & Shamanic Practitioner | Whole-Self Wisdom

Whole-Self Wisdom Ceremony Cards

Would you like to learn more about how you can care for yourself so you can fully express your personal power and share your unique light with your community?

If you said “Yes!” take a moment to connect to your inner wisdom with Whole-Self Wisdom’s Ceremony Cards!  You can use this deck of 33 cards to perform a ceremony on your own, or invite others so you can share each other’s messages.

To perform your ceremony:

1. Download the attached pdf files and print.  You can cut the cards on your own, or use the Avery 5388 perforated card stock paper for an easier way to create the deck.

2. Sort cards into the following categories, in order: Creating, Holding, Clearing, and Filling Space.

3. Pick a card from each pile, and place the four cards in front of you.

4. Review the Whole-Self Wisdom Meditation (see card), and complete the questions on each of the four cards you select for your ceremony.

5. Apply the mantras throughout your day to help you make changes in your life with more ease.

May these ceremonies allow you to experience your true nature in harmony!