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Moving into a whole new way of being – from exhaustion to ease and connection – can take us into some uncomfortable and challenging experiences, but…

…you don’t have to do it alone! 

Are you a Lightworker? 

  • Lightworkers are often disguised in helping professions, or roles.  Caring for others is second nature to Lightworkers (Dare I say we’ve been doing it our whole lives?).  My first job was babysitting, followed by teaching children how to swim and lifeguarding until I started a 20-year career in corporate training and development.  The question I asked myself then was, “How can I help people reach their full potential?”


  • Lightworkers are energetically-sensitive empaths who can feel others’ emotions as if they are their own.  The common challenge Lightworkers have experienced, however, is that because we can feel others’ emotions, we’ve become competent in people-pleasing, fixing, soothing, and problem-solving so that our family/partners/managers would not experience anger, hatred, sadness, grief, or anxiety (and it’s amazing how much hard work we’ll put in so we don’t have to feel those emotions in our bodies!).  The life coach training I received allowed me to turn inward and address this challenge with my career, and in 2013, I took the leap from my corporate career to follow my heart into life coaching.  For the next three + years, I continued a healing journey that led to a practice that evolved into multiple healing modalities, but it wasn’t until 2016 when my mom was diagnosed with cancer and I was thrust into full-time caregiving and dealing with different realities within a family dynamic and my own health issues, that I realized that my care-taking tendencies required some deeper healing work.


  • Lightworkers often experience chronic fatigue, back pain, sleep apnea, weight gain, and inflammatory health issues.  The problem is that managing all of this energy is exhausting.  On top of that, we tend to forget to ask ourselves what we need to care for ourselves and what we desire (not to mention what would be fun!) – which leaves our body to prompt us to make change via back pain, chronic fatigue, etc.  I gained 25 pounds during the more intense period of my caregiving journey (and I honor my body for protecting me!), and dealing with exhaustion was a constant struggle, but I now have a deeper knowledge and self-awareness that is leading to a level of resilience that allows me to step into any environment, or relationship, with confidence (Twenty pounds have since been lost after making some empowered decisions!). 


  • Lightworkers need time alone to recharge.   Our culture can take for granted the care-taking and support we offer to others (just look at the hours nurses, teachers, and HR professionals put in!). We learned that doing is safer than receiving, and yet we dream of unconditionally loving relationships.  I have struggled with calling myself a Lightworker, or healer, but then I remember what my Higher-Self once told me, “I’m here to help heal the world by healing myself – just by the energy I give off and the coincidences that occur to make my life easy and joyful.”  Through the support I’ve received from other Lightworkers and healers, I’ve learned that as I heal myself – and experience unconditional love for myself – I  become a healing presence for “the nervous systems” that come to work with me.  The question I now ask myself is, “How can I support myself in a way that brings joy and entertainment to others?”

If you can see yourself in the description above, my hunch is that you’re a Lightworkerone who intends to radiate their unique light no matter what environment, or relationship, they they step into – and the world needs your unique light now!

Ask yourself the following questions:

What if… every space you entered exuded a sense of safety? 

What if… everyone you met exuded a sense of authenticity?

What if… everyone you met could connect to, and trust, their inner wisdom?

What if… you are here to radiate light into the dark spaces? 

I envision a world where everyone experiences the freedom to be who they are – a unique, creative, radiant being that holds the capacity to create and hold a space for themselves and others to unfold so that they may fully express their gifts with ease and connection.

My focus is creating and holding a space for you to feel safe in your body so you can tune into your own inner wisdom so you can make empowered decisions about your health, career/purpose, and relationships and experience ease and connection.

Whether it’s through life & somatic coaching, shamanic healing, Reiki, or Tension Release Exercises (TRE), I’m here to support you, in being you, fully you, connected to your highest potential.  Based on your intention, your experiences with me may include me listening to your words and energy, asking powerful questions, performing shamanic ceremonies, guiding you into your body’s wisdom, holding a space to feel emotion and release tension, or feeling the healing vibes of Reiki.   Each session is customized to your intention and Divinely guided to help you enhance your awareness of the gifts you were meant to share, the areas that may be holding you back, and the opportunities available to express your authentic voice in the world.

I feel grateful that I get to explore these possibilities with my clients –  seeing them shift from:

  • Focusing their attention on others and rarely asking themselves what they desire, to feeling empowered to practice self-care and engage in the activities they love with the people they love.
  • Feeling confused about their purpose, to moving through their day with more ease,  expressing and sharing their gifts, and observing the positive impact they’re making in the world.
  • Ignoring their intuition (when it didn’t appear to make “logical” sense and they worried what others might think and feel as a result), to using their inner wisdom to navigate in the direction of their calling and engage in a giving and receiving flow within their relationships.

Does my experience match the type of support/experiences you are looking for? 

I’ve met several amazing teachers who had a safe space for me to learn about and apply powerful concepts, ceremonies and coaching tools that explored the mind-body-spirit-emotions connection.  Each helped me to connect to this inner navigation system (I call it my Whole-Self Wisdom) so I could be guided into a new way of being.

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

First, I applied what I learned with Martha Beck Ph.D. (, author and monthly columnist for Oprah’s O Magazine, and I began to question some of my beliefs about who I was and what’s possible.  With additional coaching, I began listening deeply to the parts of me that sought balance and I was able to make some big changes.

That said, although I had completed the program successfully and developed personally, I still didn’t feel ready to start my coaching practice.  I began to realize just how sensitive I was to other people’s “uncomfortable” emotions and thought, “As someone who can feel others’ emotions as if they’re my own, how can I possibly coach people and still have energy leftover for myself?”

Intuitive Coach

Fortunately, I let myself follow my body’s compass into Beverly Belling’s Intuitive Arts Studio ( where I learned how to manage my own energy and differentiate it from others’.  The tools I learned enabled me to create a comfortable space so that I could take care of myself and be fully present for my clients to have their own experience.  I also learned that I could trust my intuition (key for following and offering hunches with my clients) and that I can receive a lot more guidance when I’m not only grounded and centered, but in a curious and playful state of being.

Endorsed Abigail Steidley Mind-Body/Somatic Coach

At the same time, I gravitated to Abigail Steidley’s Mind-Body Coaching Program ( where I learned the power of consistently asking myself what I’m feeling emotionally.  Asking this simple question, while observing sensations in my body, allowed me the direct experience of acknowledging the signals of tension/pain in my body, noticing my thoughts, feeling emotion(s), and connecting to the underlying message for how I can return to balance and take care of myself.   Ultimately, I engaged in the practice of processing stored emotions, and accepting new emotions that arose, so that I could be guided by them and experience their full spectrum (including joy!).  This also enabled me to hold the space for my clients’ authentic emotions to be felt and expressed so they too could be guided by their own inner wisdom.

Here’s what I love about mind-body coaching:  It’s grounded in the perspective that you’re already whole.  Rather than identifying with a story that there is something wrong with you, or needs to be fixed, the four parts of you – mind, body, spirit, and heart – simply seek balance so they can guide you on an authentic journey of more ease, joy…and fun! (Imagine that!)

Shamanic Practitioner

My coaching continued to evolve and coincidences continued to occur.  One day, while traveling in Arizona, I stumbled upon a book by Sandra Ingerman on shamanism (which looks at the spiritual aspect of illness).  I couldn’t put the book down.  I bought more of her books and sought out one of her teachers (Katherine Wood at to complete Sandra Ingerman’s shamanic practitioner program.  Finally, I began to see how all of the puzzle pieces of my practice were coming together.

TRE Practitioner

As my coaching/healing work evolved, I also began an empowering body-centered practice developed by Dr. David Berceli called Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).  While at one of Martha Beck’s Summits for Coaches, I found that TRE brought deep relaxation to my body and nervous system.  The results were so fast (including releasing tension in my back and helping me with bouts of insomnia) that I sought out a local “group shake” that met regularly, which ultimately led me to pursue TRE practitioner certification.  You can learn more about TRE and check out videos at

Reiki Master

Since 2010, I’d been curious about Reiki, and when the right opportunity presented itself  I completed Spirit Reiki I & 2 & 3 (2018-2019) with Helen Knight at  As I practiced this type of Reiki, I found that it allowed me to offer distance healing and seamlessly bring together all of the modalities I list above to serve my clients.

Does this resonate with you? 

Imagine what we’d all be able to create when we’re living with more ease, energy, and engagement (I can’t wait!).

If this resonates with you and you’d like to learn more, click here to schedule a FREE 20-minute “Reveal the Real…” session intended to help you clarify the real reason you’re (exhausted, experiencing pain, feeling anxious, gaining weight, etc), and determine whether my coaching/energy work is a fit for your needs.

I’d love to connect with you!