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Seeking Clarity on Your Unique Talents?

In addition to the coaching sessions and shamanic ceremonies that I offer, the following tools and resources offer ways to reveal your true nature, gifts and talents.

Considering a New Adventure? 

Not only does aligning with your purpose allow more ease and joy into your life and give you the courage to face challenges that come with journey, but it also means you get to make a difference – your community benefits as you share your “medicine” with them. The following are some books that can inspire stepping into a new adventure.

  • Finding Your Own North Star – Martha Beck, Ph.D.
  • Steering By Starlight – Martha Beck, Ph.D.
  • A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – Donald Miller
  • The Icarus Deception – Seth Godin
  • Finding Joe (DVD) – Patrick Takuya Solomon (Tracks the Hero’s Journey)

Navigating a New Adventure?

  • Compass: Body  It takes guts (literally) to turn inward, enhance your self-awareness, and make shifts that are in harmony with your true nature.  The following resources focus on practices that can create ideal conditions for preparing your mind and body for new and uncomfortable changes so you can minimize stress and related tension – and access the body’s wisdom. 
    • The Joy Diet – Martha Beck, Ph.D.
    • The Four-Day Win – Martha Beck, Ph.D.
    • The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process – David Berceli, Ph.D. (Learn about TRE at
    • 8 Keys to Brain-Body Balance – Robert Scaer
    • In an Unspoken Voice, How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness – Peter A. Levine, Ph.D.
    • Frequency, the Power of Personal Vibration – Penney Peirce
    • Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight –  Dr. Taylor’s TED Talk (Her book by the same name is great too!)
    • When the Body Says No, Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection – Gabor Mate, M.D.
    • Yin Yoga (
    • Restorative Yoga (
  • Compass:  Spirit  Ancient spiritual traditions support one’s direct experience with the wisdom and guidance available from the unseen world.  The following are some informative and inspirational resources that may resonate with you too:
    • What the Walrus Knows App for iPhone/Ipad.  Follow a guided meditation to connect with  your “Core Beastie”
    • Awaking to the Spirit World – Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman
    • Soul Retrieval, Mending the Fragmented Self – Sandra Ingerman
    • Walking in Light, the Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life – Sandra
    • Whatever Arises one That, A Love Revolution That Begins With You – Matt Kahn (Check out his videos on YouTube!)
    • Sit Spot and the Art of Inner Tracking: A 30-Day Challenge to Develop Your Relationship to Self, Earth, Others, and the Wisdom of the Ancestors – R. Michael Trotta
  • Compass: Mind I believe we are powerful manifest-ors and can use the mind’s wisdom to consciously create with our intention and attention; however, the subconscious mind can disagree (tension and stress included).  The following resources can help get your mind around how that all works:
    • Loving What Is – Byron Katie (Check out her videos and great resources at
    • You Are the Placebo:  Making Your Mind Matter – Dr. Joe Dispenza
    • The Open-focus Brain: Harnessing the Power of Attention to Heal Mind and Body – Les Fehmi Ph.D., Jim Robbins
    • The Biology of Belief – Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles – Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
    • Visual Journaling, Going Deeper than Words – Barbara Ganim & Susan Fox
  • Compass:  Emotions  What if you regularly asked yourself, “What am I feeling emotionally?”  Emotional wisdom can help you tune in, direct your awareness and connect to your intuition.  The following resources review how to access this inner guidance system.
    • Emotional Clearing – John Ruskan
    • The Presence Process, A Journey into Present Moment Awareness – Michael Brown
    • The Language of Emotions Cards – Karla McLaren
    • The Mind-Body Prescription – Healing the Body, Healing the Pain – John E. Sarno, M.D.

Just for fun… 

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