Kelly C. Mullen, Mind-Body Coach & Shamanic Practitioner | Whole-Self Wisdom

Is there an area in your life that feels as though it’s frozen in place?

Do you dream of more ease, energy and engagement but…

  • Feel there’s too much to get done that you can’t possibly slow down – even when you’re experiencing frustrating physical symptoms?
  • Don’t ask yourself what would bring you joy because you have too many responsibilities and worry the answers won’t lead you to a life of abundance anyway?
  • When it comes to making a transition (health, career, home, relationship), you feel too overwhelmed and concerned you’ll make all the wrong decisions?
  • Connections with like-minded people and supportive relationships seems elusive?

You’re about to discover how you can make the transformative shift from exhaustion to more ease, energy and engagement.

Thank you for being here!

There are some women with “Big Medicine.”  These women have so much to offer the world. They are willing to take responsibility for their gifts and share them with others, yet there is a frozen pattern inside of their body, their mind, and within their life experiences.  This frozen energy is stopping them in their tracks.

Do any of these sound like you?

“I should be doing x, y, and z, but I just don’t feel like it”

• “I’d love to experience a more natural rhythm (resting until it’s time to play, and playing until it’s time to rest), but how can I do that when I’m in a loop of self-pressure?”

• “For once, I actually have time for myself, but I have no idea what I want to do, or what would be fun!”

I’m excited to create and hold a space for you to participate in a set of experiences that will help you connect to, and trust, your own inner wisdom so you can feel inspired to put some heat on that frozen energy and expand into the space that allows you to connect with who you really are and to those individuals that need your gifts most.

You may not know what that looks like right now, but through a set of experiences, you will have the opportunity to clarify your purpose and the exciting challenges that will allow you to feel the life force energy moving and flowing through you.

“Coaching with Kelly was a breath of fresh air. Our sessions were perfectly organic – unfolding in a beautiful flow of mind/body meets thought work. She is both a gentle and insightful coach and her playful way of guiding helped me learn something wonderfully new about myself during each session.  I am a huge fan!” ~ R.H.

“My coaching experience with Kelly was incredibly beneficial to me. In particular, the one thing that has changed is how I deal with tension in my body. Although I have been aware for a long time that tension in the body always is an indication of some underlying issue that needs to be addressed, the techniques that I used (massage, meditation) were not effective. It wasn’t until Kelly guided me through a series of steps that I was able to go to the source of the physical pain and find relief.  Kelly’s approach is gentle yet focused. She keeps you on target and metaphorically holds your hand when you are feeling most vulnerable.  The result is a more confident, relaxed me who is able to focus my energy on pursuing my life’s purpose.” ~ A.K.

I’d like to create this space for YOU.  I’m so curious to learn how more women, having had these experiences, shift into a new way of being and become an inspiration to others.

Whether you are new to self-inquiry, or have a consistent practice, each time you give yourself the space to have these experiences you’ll feel what is ready to come into your awareness and receive inspiration as to what wants to happen next.

I know what you’re going through!

It wasn’t too long ago when, after twenty years in the field of corporate learning and talent development, I took a leap of faith that didn’t make a lot of logical sense (except perhaps to my adrenal glands) to me, or those around me.  Transitioning from a corporate culture with a “secure” paycheck to following my heart and starting my own business appeared borderline “irresponsible” – How could I make such a “bold” move, and support myself?  (Oh inner critic – you’re so funny!).

That all changed when I strengthened my connection to my:

  • Body – through a set of body-centered practices to calm my nervous system, release tension, create space for life force energy to flow through me, and even connect me into supportive communities
  • Spirit – through time in nature, Shamanic journeying, intuitive and mind-body coaching which helped me to reveal my purpose and “original medicine,” and identify a supportive group of “elders”
  • Mind – through clarifying my core values and mapping out a set of experiences that will help me to learn and grow, as well as strategies to persist through the fear and doubt that comes with transitioning into a new way of being
  • Emotions – through mind-body coaching and related practices that helped me to create safe spaces to unfold and experience radical acceptance of what I am feeling so that I can come to know who I really am and be guided by my inner wisdom into more ease, energy and engagement.

This “Whole-Self Wisdom Approach” has helped me to find more equilibrium so that I can navigate change and stressful situations with more ease, further reveal my purpose so I have the courage to step into the unknown (and lots of discomfort), make decisions that are aligned with what’s important to me, and express/voice my truth. As a result of my journey, I feel more relaxed, energized, and aware of the importance of my unique gifts and would love to share them with you.

You’re invited to join me for a set of similar experiences, and with a unique team of healers (camp counselors!), to help you release and transform frozen energy into the expansive, creative energy that wants to come forth and allow your life to be full of flow and adventure.

If you’d like to experience more ease, energy and engagement through a set of similar experiences, we’ll BE at…

Radiate Camp – September 4-7, 2015 – Boulder, CO

September 4, 2015

Exhale (2:30pm): Meet, Greet & Eat 

  • Connect with other program participants
  • Identify foods that support digestive health

Inhale (3:15pm): Tune Into You

  • Describe the role of stress, trauma, the process of disconnection and the fear that you don’t have choices
  • Identify areas in your life that seem “frozen”

Exhale (4:00pm): Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)*

  • Apply steps to comfortably connect to your body
  • Apply a set of exercises (TRE) to build a trusting relationship with your body and support its ability to help you shift from triggered reactions, to seeing the choices available to you and making conscious decisions

Note:  TRE is not recommended for those who are pregnant, or have had recent abdominal surgery.

Conclude day at 5:45pm until dinner.

Inhale & Exhale (7:00pm): The Dushanbe Teahouse

  • Discern between spaces that prompt the stress response and those that help you rest and digest
  • Share a meal in community
  • Add ideas to your fun list!

September 5, 2015

Exhale (9:00am): Easy/Moderate Hike in Boulder Area (Free/Optional)

  • Connect with the elements to explore a new perspective to the fear of “rejection” and being alone

Inhale (1:30pm):  Shamanic Journeying

  • Identify your safe, comfortable spaces
  • Identify, or re-connect with, your Spirit Guides
  • Reveal your purpose and gifts
  • Identify your “tribe” (clients, partners, friends), or the channels where they’ll find you

Conclude day at 5:30pm

September 6, 2015

Exhale (9:00am): Inspired Action Planning

  • Describe the antidote to “failure” and the fear you’ll make all the wrong decisions
  • Identify your vision, mission, goals, intentions and desired values/feeling states
  • Identify your Spirit Helper and Invitation Ritual for co-creating

Inhale (9:00am): Persistance & Support

  • Identify strategies to persist through doubt

Exhale (3:00pm): Yin Yoga 

  • Engage in Yin Yoga exercises to become aware of the areas where you hold tension and what is ready to come into your awareness and be let go of

Conclude day at 5:00pm

September 7, 2015

Inhale (9:00am): Express Yourself with Confidence

  • Discuss the fear of criticism and approaches you can take to address it
  • Prepare a communication (ask for a raise, articulate what you do, address conflict, say no, etc) that allows you to express your gifts and engage in meaningful and supportive relationships

Exhale (10:15am): Experience the Power of Your Voice

  • Play with a set of experiences to feel your tone and voice in your body
  • Recognize the harmonizing patterns of sound to relax into the intimacy, openness and the awareness available to us when we tune into our creative nature
  • Fill yourself with the tone that will attract all that you desire
  • Practice expressing yourself in a safe environment

Conclude Camp at 12:00pm

In addition to the in-person experiences listed above… 


Upon your registration, you’ll also receive a link to schedule your 1:1 90-minute pre-retreat coaching session with me (Kelly) before August 30th to help you envision your purpose, people and process – the why, what and how you do what you do that will make a difference.  Location is not an issue, as we’ll connect via phone or Skype.  Optional:  Your session can be recorded and available for download for future reference.

In addition to sharing these experiences with you, I look forward to helping you strengthen the connections to the four parts of you – mind, body, spirit, and emotions – so you can connect to, and trust, your inner wisdom’s guidance and inspire others as you navigate into more ease, energy and engagement!!!

Are you ready for some new experiences in your life? 

Your BONUS resources include…

Building Your Support System BONUS #1 (Priceless!) 

You’ll join a community of women, via the Whole-Self Wisdom Community, where you can share your intentions, post challenges, share insights, and have a place to celebrate your progress among other supportive women, as well as direct support from me (Kelly) in the form of three monthly group coaching calls.  As these calls will not be recorded (for privacy), times may rotate to accommodate different time zones.

If you choose, you can also identify a buddy to meet offline via phone or Skype (or in-person if local) and create connections to support you in this program and beyond.


Building Your Support System BONUS #2 (Priceless!) 

Teal Stamm, Digestive Wellness Coach & Massage Therapist will be available for questions on September 4th and is offering 15% off Teal’s Culture Club to address the painful and embarrassing symptoms of a dysfunctional digestive system.

Teal’s highest priority is to help her clients finally address the painful and embarrassing symptoms of a dysfunctional digestive system.  Teal starts at the center of it all – your gut – and focuses on a diet rich in fermented and cultured foods that generate and support the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system.  She is also passionate about growing her own vegetables and is a fantastic natural foods cook!  Learn more at:

Teals Table

Building Your Support System BONUS #3 (Priceless!) 

Tension & Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) Booklet: Accelerate your transformation with a detailed description of the trauma/tension release exercises so you can easily incorporate this body-centered practice into your life.

Stephen West, Tension & Trauma Release Exercise Instructor & Registered Massage Therapist will be joining us at Radiate Camp.  Stephen’s passion for our somatic experience led to athletic ambition, a performance career based in movement, and a 17-year bodywork career that integrates anatomy, kinesiology, breath, movement, exercise, posture and manual care. His journey in TRE opened up the world of neurology and its endless mystery. He teaches groups and individuals, and keeps asking questions about how to deepen our relationship with our body’s infinite brilliance.  Learn more at:


Building Your Support System BONUS #4 (Priceless!) 

Karen Nicholson Cobble, Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, will be joining us at Radiate Camp, and is offering 20% off a private in-person Yin Yoga session.   She will also have 60-90 minute video (MP4s for computer only) available for sale ($10 each). 

Karen will be one of Radiate Camp’s Counselors.  She holds an MA in Counseling Psychology and has over 25 years of experience in multiple styles of yoga including Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Phoenix Rising, Anusara and Yin.  She is honored by every student who steps onto the mat in her classes, and hopes to work with them as they find acceptance of themselves and a connection to their spirit. “Yoga has always been my mind, body, spirit connection. I love the challenge of taking yoga off the mat.”  Learn more at:

pics 1506_1024

Building Your Support System BONUS #5 (Priceless!)

Ana Cristina Caelen, Voice and Creative Expression Consultant is offering 20% off one 60-min in-person or Skype Diagnostic Voice Session to Radiate Camp participants.

Ana Cristina will be one of Radiate Camp’s Counselors.  She is an improvisor, composer and sound therapist who specializes in working with the voice as a direct extension of the mind. She has taught Improvisation, Music and Contemplative Sound-Art at Naropa University, the NeuroArtes Institute and Casa Dakini in Mexico. She founded VoiceAliveMind to generate spaces for people to experience themselves and each other through fully expressing their elegance as creative beings.  Learn more at:

Photo of AC1


YES Kelly! I am ready to make the shift to more ease, energy and engagement. 

I know tuition for Radiate Camp includes:

Part I:  Private Pre-Camp 60-minute coaching session with me (Kelly) to give you an opportunity to envision your purpose, people and process – the why, what and how you do what you do that will make a difference.  A scheduling link will be sent to me that I can can complete the session before August 31st.  I understand that location is not an issue, as we’ll connect via phone or Skype.

Part II:  Participation at Radiate Camp September 4-7, 2015 in Boulder, CO.

  • All sessions as per the agenda (Sept.4 from 2:30-5:45pm; Sept.5 from 1:30-5:30pm; Sept. 6 from 9-4:45pm; Sept.7 from 9-12pm)
  • Meals included in the program:  Afternoon snacks Friday – Sunday;  Dinner at The Dushanbe Teahouse Friday (7:00pm); Lunch on Sunday.

Part III: Build Your Support System Bonuses:

  1. Whole-Self Wisdom Community Private Facebook Group, including three monthly group coaching calls with Kelly
  2. 10% off the Culture Club at Teal’s Table (
  3. Free booklet to continue your Tension & Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) practice
  4. 20% off a private Yin Yoga session with Karen Cobble ( with MP4 videos also available for sale
  5. 20% off a private Diagnostic Voice session with Voice and Creative Expression Consultant Ana Cristina Caelen (

I know tuition for Radiate Camp DOES NOT include:

  • All other meals not listed above.
  • Nature hike on September 5th.  This hike is optional and free of charge to all participants.
  • Hotel (if applicable) – Click here for some ideas
  • Transportation to/from event locations listed in the agenda

Note:  To offer more attention to each participant, this gathering will be limited to 10 participants, plus instructors.

Refund Policy: In the unfortunate event you cannot attend, you may attempt to “sell” your spot to someone else prior to the start of the event. If you cannot find a buyer, you can cancel no later than July 1st, 2015, and 50% of your registration fee will be refunded. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received after July 1st, 2015, but you may continue to try to sell your spot.


Investment for One Participant

1 payment of $649

Bring a Friend Investment*

2 for 1 payment of $649

Investment Options
*Your Friend’s Name & E-Mail

*Please note your friend’s name and e-mail address in the comment field of your registration, or email kelly@kellycmullen. If you would like to pay separately, please email kelly@kellycmullen and invoices will be sent to each person.  Payment is due before arrival.

Do you have questions?

I started Whole-Self Wisdom coaching to help women stop all the doing and start being who they really are, live life with more ease, and make an impact in the world without compromising their health and ability to engage in meaningful and supportive relationships.

Radiate Camp, and related support coaching and community, is designed to help you:

  • Tune into You – Create space to release frozen energy so you can navigate change and stressful situations with more ease
  • Reveal Your Purpose – Clarify your gifts and core message so you can experience renewed energy doing what you love with the people you love
  • Make Empowered Decisions – Create an inspired plan to help you harness your creative energy, and persist through doubt, as you choose new adventures that support your learning and growth
  • Express Yourself with Confidence – Prepare a communication (ask for a raise, articulate what you do, address conflict, etc) that allows you to express your gifts and engage in meaningful and supportive relationships

Please feel free to reach out.  Ask any question about Radiate Camp to and I’ll help you get clear on whether it’s the right fit for you.

Requesting so many blessings for you,


Kelly C. Mullen

Mind-Body Life Coach

Pic of Me