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It wasn’t too long ago when, after twenty years in the field of corporate learning and talent development, I took a leap of faith that didn’t make a lot of logical sense (except perhaps to my adrenal glands) to me, or those around me.

While I’ve often sought out experiences full of adventure, big changes like transitioning from a corporate culture with a “secure” paycheck to following my heart and starting my own business appeared borderline “irresponsible” – How could I make such a “bold” move, and support myself?  (Oh inner critic – you’re so funny!).

Can you relate?

Fortunately, I met several amazing teachers and learned (through direct experience) about how to apply powerful concepts, ceremonies and coaching tools that explored the mind-body-spirit-emotions connection.  Each helped me to connect to this inner navigation system (I call it my Whole-Self Wisdom) so I could be guided into a new way of being.

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

First, I applied what I learned with Martha Beck Ph.D. (, author and monthly columnist for Oprah’s O Magazine, and I began to question some of my beliefs about who I was and what’s possible.  With additional coaching, I began listening deeply to the parts of me that sought balance and I was able to make some big changes.

That said, I still didn’t feel ready to start my coaching practice.  I began to realize just how sensitive I was to other people’s “uncomfortable” emotions and thought, “As someone who can feel others’ emotions as if they’re my own, how can I possibly coach people and still have energy leftover for myself?”

Intuitive Coaching

Fortunately, I let myself follow my body’s compass into Beverly Belling’s Intuitive Arts Studio ( where I learned how to manage my own energy and differentiate it from others’.  The tools I learned enabled me to create a comfortable space so that I could take care of myself and be fully present for my clients to have their own experience.  I also learned that I could trust my intuition (key for following and offering hunches with my clients) and that I can receive a lot more guidance when I’m not only grounded and centered, but in a curious and playful state of being.

Anamsong Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

At the same time, I gravitated to Abigail Steidley’s Mind-Body Coaching Program ( where I learned the power of consistently asking myself what I’m feeling emotionally.  Asking this simple question, while observing sensations in my body, allowed me the direct experience of acknowledging the signals of tension/pain in my body, noticing my thoughts, feeling emotion(s), and connecting to the underlying message for how I can return to balance and take care of myself.   Ultimately, I engaged in the practice of processing stored emotions, and accepting new emotions that arose, so that I could be guided by them and experience their full spectrum (including joy!) This also enabled me to hold the space for my clients’ authentic emotions to be felt and expressed so they too could be guided by their own inner wisdom.

Here’s what I love about mind-body coaching:  It’s grounded in the perspective that you’re already whole.  Rather than identifying with a story that there is something wrong with you, or needs to be fixed, the four parts of you – mind, body, spirit, and heart – simply seek balance so they can guide you on an authentic journey of more ease, joy…and fun! (Imagine that!)

Shamanic Practitioner

My coaching continued to evolve and coincidences continued to occur.  One day, while traveling in Arizona, I stumbled upon a book by Sandra Ingerman on shamanism (which looks at the spiritual aspect of illness).  I couldn’t put the book down.  I bought more of her books and sought out one of her teachers (Katherine Wood at to complete Sandra Ingerman’s shamanic practitioner program.  Finally, I began to see how all of the puzzle pieces of my practice were coming together.

TRE Practitioner

But there was more.  While at a Martha Beck Summit, I learned about a body-centered practice that brought deep relaxation to my body and nervous system called Tension Release Exercises (TRE).  The results were so fast (including releasing tension in my back and helping me with bouts of insomnia) that I sought out a local “group shake” offering that met regularly and continued until I completed the training became a certified TRE practitioner.  You can learn more about TRE and check out videos at

Reiki Training

Since 2010, I’d been curious about Reiki, and when the right opportunity presented itself in 2018, I  completed Spirit Reiki I & 2 with Helen Knight at  As I practiced this type of Reiki, I found that it allowed me to offer distance healing and seamlessly bring together all of the modalities I list above to serve my clients.

How does this journey resonate with you? 

While your journey may look a bit different, my hunch is that you too have “big medicine” that the world needs now.

I’m passionate about working with “Lightworkers” who want to create and hold a space for themselves to experience more ease, energy and engagement.

From all that I’ve learned, and continue to learn, from teachers (in both the seen and unseen realms), I’ve been able to apply a “Whole-Self Wisdom Approach” that has helped me to navigate change and stressful situations with more ease, further reveal my purpose so I have the courage to step into the unknown (and lots of discomfort), make decisions that are aligned with what’s important to me, and express/voice my truth.  As a result of my journey, I feel more relaxed and aware of the importance of my unique gifts and would love to share them with you.

Let’s Connect!

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