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Thank you for your interest in “Just Write the Book of Poems and I’ll Find You!”

I’m holding a vision of the empathic Lightworker feeling safe in their body so they can connect to their inner wisdom’s guidance, and make the tough, empowered decisions needed to experience more ease, energy and engagement.

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As a poet, shamanic practitioner, somatic life coach, certified Martha Beck life coach, Tension & Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) Provider, and Reiki Master, everything I do is about creating and holding a space to connect to the four parts of ourselves – mind, body, spirit, and heart.  Whether it’s through poetry readings, speaking engagements, private coaching/healing sessions, hosting retreats, or facilitating workshops, I’m passionate about inspiring Lightworkers to care for themselves so they can recognize the power they hold to build resilience, honor their unique gifts and brilliance, direct their experiences and share their radiance.

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As a Lightworker myself, poetry has been a way to integrate some of the wild waves of healing experiences that continue to initiate me into a new way of being.  I hope they inspire you to look at the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing and transformation, and if you’d like to experience a bit of “Just Write the Book of Poems and I’ll Find You,” I invite you to check out my Whole-Self Wisdom Ceremony Cards and let your journey inward unfold!

What about you?  Are you in the midst of, or planning a transition?

I’d love to learn more about you.  What areas in your life seem frozen?  How might melting some frozen energy initiate you into a new way of being? Post your comments at