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Express to Connect:  Learning Design VIP Programs


You intend to offer products/services that make a difference in your clients’ lives.

These products/services are an expression of your gifts and talents.

You’d like to connect with those individuals that need your offerings most.

You’re considering an educational event, or program, to communicate how your offerings can help those individuals.


  • While you have lots of ideas, you aren’t sure where to direct your attention.  How can you get started when it all feels so overwhelming?
  • Your intended audience feels time-constrained.  How can you draft a communication and design a learning program that is most relevant to them?
  • Virtual learning and in-person workshops each have their own pros and cons.  How can you design a course, or program, that engages participants in a way that allows them to immediately apply what they learn — and want to continue their connections with you?

Key Question

How can you express your gifts and talents through a learning solution that is relevant, engaging and impactful so you can attract a growing number of new clients and build relationships with your existing clients?

The Express to Connect Approach

Educational programs not only offer a way to express who you are and what you do, but are a great way to connect with a community of individuals that need you.  Still, it can be a challenge to get started and feel like your training is making a difference, especially as more and more training is delivered virtually.  This VIP Program is designed to provide you with a journey that includes opportunities and support to express your gifts and talents and connect with your clients with confidence (and have some fun along the way!).

Key principles

  • You have help.  A learning design guide and approach, as well as 1-1 coaching, can help – and allow you to enjoy the process!
  • Building new knowledge, skills and behaviors takes time.   A programmatic approach reflects this principle.  In addition, each program component has a clear purpose in the journey so participants and facilitators/coaches can make the most of the time available.
  • Each participant’s experience is unique.  The element of choice provides an opportunity to offer some customization and enhances the relevance of your program so participants are positioned to immediately apply what they learn.
  • Wisdom comes through experience and experience comes through play – using all four parts of you (mind, body, spirit and emotions).  An effective program design and delivery creates and holds a space to fully engage participants in drawing out the wisdom from these four parts of themselves.
  • Intention and follow-up support contribute more to making an impact than delivering a specific learning event.  Without these before and after components, a learning event can be interesting and engaging, yet miss the mark when it comes to participants’ ability to put what they learn into practice.

What will you learn?

Half-Day VIP Program:

Upon completion of this program, participants are invited to:

  • Clarify your message so you attract your ideal participants and clients
  • Utilize a template to draft a professional enrollment communication
  • Brainstorm free resources to make enrollment for your offering a no brainer
  • Clarify your role(s) so you can best express yourself and connect to your participants throughout the program
  • Utilize an approach and templates to design a learning program that is relevant, engaging and impactful to your ideal clients (Note:  The Half-Day VIP Program is intended to define a plan for a multi-component program and design a specific teleseminar, or an in-person workshop that is less than three hours)
  • Identify any challenges that appear in the process of expressing your message and connecting with your ideal clients
  • Reference leading practices for:
    • Writing learning objectives that will help your participants discern relevance and value
    • Identifying engaging learning activities that allow you to confirm whether your content is achieving each learning objective
    • Including the learning and other performance enhancement activities into each stage of your program so participants are positioned to immediately apply what they learn to their lives

Full-Day VIP Program:

All of the above objectives are addressed in the Full-Day VIP Program to help bring you clarity on your passion, message, role and structure for your learning program and a specific learning event (< 3-hour offering) within it.  In addition, the following objectives will be addressed.

Upon completion of this program, participants are invited to:

  • Utilize an approach and template to design a learning program that is relevant, engaging and impactful to your ideal clients (Note:  This The Full-Day VIP Program offers additional time to further define the program offerings that occur before and after an in-person workshop that is greater than three hours)
  • Utilize an approach/template to draft:
    • A plan for launching your program
    • A communication plan for your program
  • Identify next steps to move through challenges that may appear leading up to your deliveries
  • Reference leading practices for facilitating teleseminars and in-person workshops

What does the format look like?

This customized program is segmented into multiple working sessions that address the design, or blueprint for your program; however, options, tips and templates for proceeding with understanding your audience, developing content and communications, delivering your content and sending communications and requesting feedback will also be reviewed.

Working sessions can be scheduled across multiple days so that you have the time you need between each session to process lessons learned and prepare questions for the next.  Alternatively, if you find that you are in a tight timeframe, some sessions can be combined within the same day.

Sample Format for Half-Day Session*

The half-day offering is ideal for programs that involve a live virtual event rather than a longer in-person retreat/workshop.

  • Day 1 (60 Minutes):  This first session will give you the input you’ll need for Session 2 where you’ll have an opportunity to focus your message and ensure it is aligned with your true passion and what brings you ease and joy.
  • Day 1 (30 Minute Kickoff):  This session provides time for an overview of leading practices included in a programmatic approach to learning
  • Day 2 (60 Minutes):  In this interactive session, you’ll come away with content to draft your enrollment communication and a completed design guide to help you plan a broader program that is relevant, engaging and enables participants to readily apply lessons learned into their lives.
  • Day 3 (60 Minutes):  I’ll guide you through a process of designing your “main” learning event (> 3 hours) so that you have a blueprint for creating content, setting expectations, planning logistics and making strategic changes if needed.  This process will also allow you to follow an approach to design additional learning events that may become a part of your broader program.

Sample Format for Full-Day Session*

The full-day offering is ideal for programs that include an in-person retreat/workshop greater than three hours in duration.

  • Days 1, 2 & 3 are the same as above; however Day 3 is extended to 2 hours.
  • Day 4
    • Part I (60 Minutes):   In this interactive session, you’ll have an opportunity to further define the additional components to include in an impactful learning program and apply an approach/template to draft a launch and communication plan.
    • Part II (60 Minutes):  This coaching session offers time to address any challenges that pop up as you approach the launch of your learning program.

*Time slots can be customized to address multiple time zones and availability, and are delivered over the phone or via Skype.  For clients in the Boulder, CO area, it may also be possible to arrange an in-person meeting.

How I can help

I’m here to support you in this customized, interactive journey.

With almost twenty years in the field of learning and talent development, I can share leading practices for developing learning programs that affect change.  With my coaching experience, I can offer the support needed to help you apply these approaches, and express your gifts so you can connect to new clients and build existing relationships.

I’m passionate about helping people express themselves with confidence.   The process of designing and delivering learning programs is a great way to play with this.

I’m also passionate about helping people connect to themselves and others.  I’ve seen first-hand how creating an environment for learning (including gaining sponsorship, building teams to support design and implementation, and designing and delivering learning myself) offers multiple opportunities for connecting with self and others so you can share your thing in the world and make a difference.


Upon enrollment of each program, you’ll receive FREE handouts that includes leading practices for:

  • Writing learning objectives that will help your participants discern relevance and value
  • Identifying engaging learning activities that allow you to confirm whether your content is achieving each learning objective
  • Including the learning and other performance enhancement activities into each stage of your program so participants are positioned to immediately apply what they learn to their lives

Enrollment in the full-day program will also include a handout of leading practices for facilitating teleseminars and in-person workshops

Your Investment

How many participants would you like to enroll in your program?  Will you be offering additional learning programs in the future that can leverage the approaches, resources, and support offered from this VIP Program?

These questions can help you to determine whether this program is right for you.   This new program offering is priced at  $450/Half-Day and $800/Full-Day to support one individual.  Up to two additional team members can be included in the process for  an additional $100 per person.

Let’s Connect!

To learn more and schedule a free 20-minute consultation click hereor visit my Contact Me  page.  I’d love to connect with you!