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Create an Inspired Strategic Plan

If your in the midst of a transition, or planning one, a vision statement can connect you to the creative spark that’s inside of you and wants to be expressed.  It can also give you the courage you’ll need to move forward, even when new challenges appear and can seem overwhelming.  

But how can you find the clarity needed to create your vision and mission statements when you’re in the midst of change, concerned about your current responsibilities, and/or meeting others’ expectations? 

Please join Mind-Body coach and shamanic practitioner Kelly C. Mullen ( for a FREE virtual learning opportunity designed to help  – the small business owner, the individual planning a career change, or the individual that is seeking more clarity on their purpose and next steps –  start an inspired strategic plan that not only aligns with your purpose and creative potential, but makes it easier for the clients/employers/partners you’re meant to be in relationship with, find you.

During this highly interactive session, you’ll:

• Create a vision statement that allows you to align your mission, objectives, actions and resources, and communicate the purpose of your business/career to those who need to know it

• Create a mission statement that articulates how you will go about achieving your vision so those who need to know it will hear you

• Refer to your new statements to define the indicators that will tell you what success looks like and when you’ll need to make adjustments

• Identify an intention for your personal/professional development and how you’ll celebrate accomplishments so you can bring your desires into form

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