Kelly C. Mullen, Mind-Body Coach & Shamanic Practitioner | Whole-Self Wisdom

Thank you for your interest in Whole-Self Wisdom Coaching with Kelly C. Mullen.

I’m so glad you decided to connect!  

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions below, then you’ve come to the right place!  I started Whole-Self Wisdom Coaching to partner with women who are feeling exhausted and want to make the transition toward more ease, energy and engagement.

  • Do you feel there’s too much to get done that you can’t possibly slow down – even when you’re tired and experiencing frustrating physical symptoms?
  • Do you forget to ask yourself what would bring you joy because you have too many responsibilities and worry the answers won’t lead you to a life of abundance anyway?  
  • When it comes to making a transition (health, career, home, relationship), do you feel too overwhelmed and concerned you’ll make all the wrong decisions? 
  • Do you find that connections with like-minded people and supportive relationships seems elusive? 

In preparation for our time together and to make the most of your time, please download and complete the Clarifying Your Intention Form  The questions included are designed to give you the space to reflect upon your current state and how that compares with your desired vision for the future.   It’s also intended to help you clarify your intention for coaching and determine whether my coaching is a fit for your needs.

Upon completion, please attach the form and e-mail to me at  Please include CLARIFYING YOUR INTENTION FORM in the subject.  That’s it!  You should hear back from me within 48 business hours.

Thank you for taking this time for yourself and I look forward to connecting with you!