Kelly C. Mullen, Mind-Body Life Coach | Whole-Self Wisdom Coaching

Are you ready to follow your heart and express your full creative potential? 

The world needs you to share your gifts and your “Medicine” – the unique way in which others’’ experience connection with you

Do you dream of:

  • More ease, but feel there’s too much to get done that you can’t possibly slow down – even when you’re experiencing frustrating physical symptoms?
  • More energy, but don’t ask yourself what would bring you joy because you have too many responsibilities and worry the answers won’t lead you to a life of abundance anyway?
  • More energy, but when it comes to making a transition (health, career, home, relationship), you feel too overwhelmed and concerned you’ll make all the wrong decisions?
  • More engagement, but connections with like-minded people and supportive relationships seems elusive?

I envision a world where everyone feels empowered to follow their heart so they can live life with more ease, tune into their true nature for more energy to express their creative potential, and engage in relationships that are conducive to sharing their gifts with those who need them most.

As a shamanic practitioner, Anamsong mind-body coach, Martha Beck Life Coach, and TRE (Tension & Trauma Release) Provider, everything I do is about creating and holding a space for people to connect to the four parts of themselves – mind, body, spirit, and heart – so they can tune into their own inner wisdom and recognize the power they hold to experience more ease and joy!

I’d love for you to join the Whole-Self Wisdom Community, and please feel free to reach out at